Postage costs increase 30%

The online retail industry is obviously in a booming stage at the moment due to the high number of online stores starting to grab a hold of the market. Now it seems that the boom might slow a bit as Australia Post has announced that it will be increasing postage costs by up to 30%. This is a big blow to online retailers who often charge very minimal amounts for postage or even give free postage.

One of the major reasons consumers buy online is the price difference between buying online and buying in a retail store. If this benefit is taken away then people will have less reason to buy online.

Most of Australia Post’s income comes from online retail and any rise in charges will benefit the company immensely. Australia posts has increased signing for a document from $1 to $2.95.

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Technology advancing in oil spill cleanup

One of the major problems facing our sea’s is the leaking of oil when a ship sinks or as happened to BP in the gulf, a major sea drilling platform burns down. The results of these sorts of accidents can be a major environmental catastrophe resulting in deaths of millions of sea life as well as damage to fragile sea coral.

In the Nature Communications journal, scientists have advised that they have been successful in creating a re-usable material which is capable of absorbing 33 times it’s weight for a variety of chemicals, including possibly oil.

The way it works is that nano sheets of a material called boron nitride which can then be used to soak up chemicals such as oil, dyes and chemical solvents. When placed on the polluted area, the sheets instantly soak up the pollution and after approximately two minutes, the oil has been absorbed into the sheets.

It is hoped that the technology can be further developed into a solution that will be viable for use in the future.


One of the top holiday destinations in 2012 was the city of Marrakech in Morocco. The city of Marrakech is the one of the biggest cities in Morocco and is a city which is surrounded by the Atlas mountains on one side and the Sahara Desert on the other.

Like many ancient cities, the city has an historic side (Medina) and modern side (Gueliz).

Medina is a beautiful ancient city and has a famous main square called the Djemaa El-Fna. The historic city is characterized by it’s lattice of bazaars and countless alleys which cover the entire section of the city. The sorts of interesting things you’ll see include snake charmers, musicians, food stalls and even acrobats.

Other things to see inlcude The Souks which is a market next to the square and here you can buy anything you want usually.

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Visiting Rio de Janeiro

One of my favorite places that i have visited in the world is the city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is one of the most well known cities in the world and is famous for it’s festivals and culture. It is the second largest city in Brazil and has great beaches and relaxed lifestyle. One of the most popular events in the world is the annual carnival and this occurs in Rio.

Rio is an ancient city and was discovered in 1565 by the exploring Portuguese. They ended up using the city as a fortification against the French who where illegally exporting wood and other goods from Brazil. Later on it became more of a port for minerals and eventually became an independent country when Brazil became a monarchy.

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Beppu – Japan’s hidden treasure

One of Japan’s hidden treasures for travel is the small city of Beppu which is located on the island of Kyushu.

Although rarely mentioned, Beppu is well known for it’s hot springs which are both beautiful to see and great to experience. The hot springs are nick named Hells of Beppu and is one of three great hot springs located in Japan.

Beppu is considered to be a relatively small city and is actually on the coast of the island. It is surrounded by mountains and it’s location makes the city long and relatively thin in shape. Due to the small size of the city, you can actually explore the place by just walking. To get to the hot springs however, you should probably take a bus or taxi.

The most popular site is called the eight hells (or Jigoku in japanese). This is a multi-colour volcano pit with boiling mud and water.

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Expert tips on choosing the right glasses

Ever wondered why you never seem to find glasses that suit you? Well the reason could be that you are not following the right rules when selecting the perfect glasses for your face.

There are actually some simple techniques that you can follow to make sure you pick the perfect matching glasses for your face.

The first step in this process is to firstly determine your face shape. Your face will usually be described as one of the following: oval, rectangle, or square. Pick the one that matches your face the closest and use this as a starting point to picking your glasses.

The next step is to match the glasses to the face shape. If you have an oval square face then it usually means you have a strong jawline. Pick glasses that have a narrow frame such as oval and round frames.

If you have a oval face, pick glasses which are wide to negate your oval shaped face. If you have a rectangle face then pick square or rectangle frames.

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How to choose the right walking shoe

Shoes are an important piece of our fashion and strangely enough, health so it is important that we select the right shoes for whatever scenario we intend to use them for.

One of the activities we do the most is walk and therefore it is vital that we select a shoe that is comfortable and supports us in the long term.

Although everyone’s foot is different, there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure that you pick the right shoe for you.

Firstly, make sure you look for a shoe that matches your arch. If you have a high arch, then get one with a lot of arch support and if you have flat feet then get a shoe that is wider and has minimal arch support.

Secondly, look for a walking shoe which lets air in and is light.

Finally, when selecting the shoe you want, try it on in the shop and walk around with it around the store to ensure it fits right for you.

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The Iconic is breaking ground

One of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in Australia is The Iconic. When the company was originally formed merely a couple of years ago, the creators of The Iconic believed that the online fashion market was not yet developed in the Australian market. This meant that there was room for a major player to take control of this segment and make some big waves.

To entice customers to the store and to give them the confidence to make their purchase online, The Iconic decided to offer free delivery as well as free returns. This made customers at least try the company once to see what they had to offer. They also offered marketing techniques such as a The Iconic coupon to consumers to get them over the line.

They targeted consumers that were looking to purchase at any time that they wanted and were not restricted by opening hours. This has proven to be a successful technique for the company and they have thrived ever since conception.

Australian languishes in global IT

A report has been published by the World Economic Forum which places Australia in position 18 in terms of IT ranking. The Global Information Technology Report is used to asses the success of information and communications technology as  a tool to create jobs and growth.

In 2004, Australia was placed a respectable 9th position. This big drop to 18th position in less than 10 years demonstrates that Australia has not been as successful as other countries in the use of technology to further the country and is of concern to current and future governments. Ensuring that a country is using cutting edge technology helps the country compete in the business world.

The countries which were ranked the highest were Finland, Singapore, Sweden and The Netherlands. Other big economies such as the UK and the US came seventh and ninth respectively.

To move back up the ladder, Australia needs to make better use of technology and increase the skills of Australians in general.

Dell to double Chinese outlets

Dell has been struggling to keep up growth over the last couple of years due to dominance of tablets and smart phones. It has therefore had to expand it’s reach to chase growth. To do this, it has decided to expand further into the Chinese market. At this stage, the company has really only targeted the bigger Chinese cities however now it will increase penetration over the next couple of years.

Consumers are currently moving more and more towards portable computing and easy to use devices. Microsoft has tried to combat this with it’s new version of Windows which is both compatible with PC’s and tablets.

The fall in PC shipments has been swift and fast and many companies are struggling to find other avenues of income to combat this. The most logical area which companies can seek more customers is in developing countries. China was a logical choice for Dell purely due to the number of potential consumers.

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